siegel made in germany

FESTOPAS® und NOVOTRAY® – The extra dose of hygiene

Style and substance don’t have to be opposites. Visible and tangible proof: FESTOPAS® and NOVOTRAY® made from pure melamine, the solid surface material, fascinatingly beautiful and simply practical.

Melamine combines the benefits of natural materials with the shock-resistance and non-porous qualities of acrylic, although it is insensitive to weak acids and alkalis, cleaning agents and UV light. And extremely hygienic.

A further advantage is that plastics like melamine do not oxidise! In contrast to aluminium and steel, there are no corrosion problems, no tarnishing of the surfaces, no ugly discolourations. The materials are 100% solid-coloured, nothing can peel, come away or swell.

The care and reconditioning procedures are very simple. You can find our manufacturer information for reconditioning on page 12 of our brochure.